Water and durable resistant Wristwatches,changes colors & fast shipping

My only issues are that the backlight could stick to a second longer when We tap the button, and that initially setting enough time and date were a little of a pain to do because the control keys are very little and finicky.But honestly, for $13 bucks? That is way better quality than any $12-15 view you could get at Walmart or Focus on or something.I’m impressed.

This watch is specifically what I was after.It’s affordable, simple, and simple to understand.Additionally, I must say i wanted a plastic or rubberized band this time around.My last sports view had a nylon band, which appeared like a great idea 3 years ago.After a thousand gym visits, the odor of this old view band could turn undead as a known level 7 cleric.

Pretty simple to set up and plugs into the charging block directly, which is super cool since mine includes a unique charging piece (which if lost I wouldn’t be able to charge it any more.) This fitness tracker can be pretty cool.Works together with the app Veryfitpro.It has alarms for everything it appears and is easy to work.

I love the Indiglo specifically because in case you are in a dark place, you just press the side key and an- easy- to- read LED light shows the watch face nicely.The Indiglos have often given me good service.I hope they hardly ever discontinue this product.

What l I like about this Fitbit, is that it’s really easy to use and I can make it wherever I move.And that the known fact that it tracks my everyday life, sleep hours, and heart beat.And the screen, it’s clear and bright enough for me to see it at night.

This is a great watch, of its low price regardless.Many functions, very easy to set.Dual time zone feature rocks !, I have the next zone arranged to GMT (UTC).As a Amateur radio op, having universal period on my wrist is fantastic, better still is having it to the next. Uncertain how long the battery will last certainly, got it a week ago just.Might swap out the wrist band later on, my old wrists would like a less rigid band probably.Will probably pay seeing that much for a different band than I did so for the watch.

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