Sunglasses for women are amazing service

I’ve a BIG head- in fact, a size 8 fitted hat. I experienced to special purchase my berets when I was energetic duty Army. I have NEVER had a pair of sunglasses that suit comfortably. They would force against my temples and trigger headaches. I eventually quit on sunglasses which was very much to my dismay because I reside in Tampa.

These glasses are awesome for what they cost! I really do compare these against top quality glasses and the frames are an alloy when compared to cheep plastic each one of these other glasses are created with nowadays that are stupid expensive and ugly! I would definitely recommend these for anybody who has been unhappy with earlier sunglass purchases.

I began with an open mind only knowing for sure I wanted dark brown lenses (which filter out eye strain-producing UV/Blue light greater than gray) and polarized. (Ditto for eye stress)The eyeglasses came in a good searching, hard and roomy case for protection. Great start!

I’ve been buying sunglasses my very existence, I live a dynamic lifestyle in New Mexico where we get sun 350+ days a full yr. I’ve spent $200 on glasses rather than been as content as I am with these $25 specs! They also came with the tools to modify as necessary. I haven’t experienced to use them, and even when my curious toddler offers used them just like a bow flex item, they’ve maintained their match rather than broken! Very excited about this purchase.

I bought a pair for my friend likely to USAFA because these were sleek and made the code requirements for uniforms as well! They are loved by him to death! The sellers are so helpful and kind and have a genuine concern for his or her customers. Great product created by great people.

Don’t get me incorrect, it comes across very endearing, like a baby owl understanding how to hunt, just an observation. So anyways. . . . . i HIGHLY recommend these sunglasses and feel just like this duco brand includes a bright future if they keep dealing with their customers just like the valuable endangered species they are. . . . done well!!!!!

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