Stay Classy Hat gives 2018

I have an appreciation for well engineered products, and every element of this cap illustrates the incredible skill of the genius or geniuses at Adidas who engineered this cap. Every millimeter of this cap is flawless. The material around the top is quite light and breathable. It has part ventilation holes that function. The logo design is tasteful rather than gaudy. The velcro strap makes it perfect fit.

This is true even if a hat is “adjustable,” because many hats are made in ways where they won’t widen any further, even when there is still length left of the adjustable strap.This hat fits and includes a little room to spare (still about 0.75″ of usable space remaining on the changeable strap).The hat also looks good, and feels light — so I’ve since ordered a couple more colors.

This hat is perfect!I’d definitely again buy from them! The hat fit me just fine and the color is great 🙂 it’s also easy to change! I definitely recommend it!! Love the match, feels comfortable and soft. I was looking for a thing that didnt look heavy, i liked it really.I have been searching for such a long time for a dark hat that does not square up on the front (trucker’s design) not offense to them.

Can’t go wrong with a Father`s Hat. Top quality. Fitted great and it had been the perfect hat to proceed with a patch I acquired. Sewing my patch onto the hat was a breeze as well! Certainly recommend this if you’re looking for a hat to place your patches on or if you would like something simple to increase your wardrobe!

one could also use a small pin if positioned properly to be beneath the inside brim of the hat instead of exposed. The reality that it’s a slip friction design rather than a buckle or snap system IMHO overrides the slide issue since it genuinely lets you size the cap to your mind, and you could mod out the clasp more than enough to lock it where you want it easily. That is a comfortable and great hat. That it is only 10 bucks simply makes this totally fan-freaking-tastic.

I liked the hat particularly when i have my hair straight. I think it’s a nice extra turn to an clothing. The only cause I’m giving it 4 stars rather than 5 is because it isn’t that adjustable. Thankfully I mostly put on the hat when my locks is straight so adjusting it isn’t a really issue, but I tried putting on it with my hair when it was curly once and it was pretty tight on my head. It can be adjusted to a smaller sized size mostly, not really a larger one.

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