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I have already been eyeballing this purse for a long time. I experienced a MK Jet Set Tote with one outside pocket that I have adored and has organized very well. I usually felt like at least yet another outside picket and a zipper best would make it perfect.The Bedford Tote may be perfect for me just. It is a little smaller than my additional totes, which is perfect. It is a little stiffer which allows it to stand up better also.

The mint was bought by me colored one and the color is spot-on with the picture shown. All the zippers and silver metal styles are solid and I cannot see them heading anywhere anytime soon.I must say i couldn’t be happier with this purse and when (or if) this purse ever goes out in me, I’m unquestionably buying another one, two maybe! Couldn’t recommend that one enough.

Now I put my wallet and sunglasses in the largest compartment, my mini iPad in the middle one, and coupons and other miscellaneous factors in the tiniest compartment. I place my keys and phone in the relative back pocket. The keys are therefore much simpler to take out today instead of trying to dig it right out of the bottom of my previous purse.

I also like the cross shoulder factor and that you can adjust the space of the strap significantly so you can put on it pretty much however you may want. I cannot say enough about this purse! It provides so many options with regards to carrying it. I really do suggest maybe getting a little purse organizer to put inside (there are a few pockets but things can get jostled around easily).

It has lasted so much longer than any other purse I’ve owned and still looks brand new! The interior hasn’t torn, nor gets the exterior scuffed. I have already been in shock at the product quality specifically since I paid an extremely reasonable price. I have by no means believed that I will spend more than $40 on a purse, they by no means last and they are not generally washable so they appearance dingy after some time. INCORRECT WITH THIS PURSE!! As It has been great and I will certainly recommend to anyone.

The leather bags were sturdy and attractive with a pebbled finish, and well. made, for the price especially. I would again buy Heshe. I ended up returning them only because for me they didn’t match on my body- which was extremely disappointing because I was truly pleased with them. All my stuff fit in, they looked professional, and as if they would really last. There was no odor to the leather either, and the tanning/dying was even. Interior finish was great; straps laid nicely easily utilized the shoulder strap- pleased with everything.

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