Excellent value and quality sunglasses

Despite the ‘welding goggles’ attributes, they are cool-looking, and very sturdy with heavy-duty metallic frames that far outclass the plastic material competition, regardless of their claims of of “indestructability”. Buy these, you might struggle through the dark, but you’ll never break them.

On a family visit to Tennessee, I were able to break my old couple of sunglasses. The types I used as a backup started causing headaches after simply a short hour. I decided it was time to get a new pair. Just how are these Duco sunglasses? Excellent actually! They fit my head well and seem to be of good quality. What I did not be expectant of: the extras. These glasses have a full case, cleaning cloth, gentle pouch-matter, and mini screw driver. Would not ‘ve got that with a local store purchase. So, overall, I believe this was an excellent buy.

I actually purchased these sunglasses off of a whim. I likely to get a inexpensive pair of classes because the cost was so low but they are one of the best quality sunglasses i’ve ever received. very sleek and stylish, these glasses are a must purchase. . . my question for you is why are you still scanning this and not investing in a pair of your have yet?! LOVE LOVE LOVE

For this price. . . I don’t mind losing them, scratching them, or sitting on them, etc. (of program, I still take good care of them anyways). I can get ‘n’ quantity of these for the price of (1) Maui Jim. You do the math!!!I planned to buy a couple of polarized Ray-Ban aviator for driving, but there was not a good deal(expensive for dark framed + polarized lens).

I wear sunglasses constantly and was a little worried about ordering them on line, but these glasses are great. Very comfy, dark lenses but not too bad, and I love that no one can easily see my eyes through them, . . . I’m much less young as I utilized to be, lol!

As possible plainly see in the images I added, they don’t really do a good job at wrapping around your head. There’s huge areas on each part where in fact the sun can conveniently get through. I would like it better if they held the width but used that to wrap it around the temples a little more.

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